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Downtown pocket park offers 'beautiful' setting to tie the knot

Le 20 July 2015, 05:24 dans Humeurs 0

Tim and Amber Biby of East Grand Forks love to be outdoors every chance they get. So it made sense that when they decided to marry, they would have an outdoor wedding.


"We spend the entire winter waiting for summer to come," he said. "We do as little as possible inside in the summer, so this wasn't any different."


They chose Arbor Park, a pocket park nestled between Norby's Work Perks and Sledster's Food & Brew on South Fourth Street in downtown Grand Forks.


"It's beautiful," Amber said.


The park features a raised mound area, framed by a 10-foot arbor of branches intertwined at the top, where they stood before a minister and read the vows they each wrote.


"(The setting) is perfect," she said. "It's just made for a wedding."


She and Tim met two summers ago at the annual Moondance Jam festival near Walker, Minn.


"I saw her dancing," he said. "I told a friend that I should meet that gal. I said it off the cuff; I didn't mean anything by it."


Later, his friend brought her over to meet him.


At the time, Amber lived in Brainerd, Minn., Tim in Grand Forks. After they met, they kept in touch by phone for about a month before he went to see her in Brainerd. Later, she traveled to Grand Forks to see him.


"She fell in love with the city," he said.


"I fell in love with everything," she said, "the outdoor parks, activities for the kids, parades, movies in the park. I just fell in love with them.


"It's a nice area and a nice community."


Tim and Amber Biby celebrate their wedding day with children Clyde Biby, Julia Biby and Kylie Finch.


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Tim and Amber Biby celebrate their wedding day with children Clyde Biby, Julia Biby and Kylie Finch.They both have children from previous marriages.


When they started to get serious, they talked about where to live, he said. "It worked better for the kids for her to move this direction."


When the couple bought a house in East Grand Forks last summer, Amber and her children moved here.


They were married on July 11 in the presence of about 30 relatives and friends who had traveled from California, Florida, Minnesota and other parts of North Dakota for the occasion.


Their attendants were his children, Hannah, Clyde and Julia Biby, who are 10, 8 and 7, respectively, and her children, Kylie and Keith Finch, 11 and 5, respectively.


Clyde and Keith were both the "best man," Amber said. Kylie, Hannah and Julia were maids of honor.


The course of their relationship has been "very natural," Amber said. The two families have blended well.


"Luckily, it's been really nice and a good fit ... (The wedding) is for all of us."


They hired a musician, Andrew Konderla, to play acoustic guitar, and Amber's best friend from high school, Tiffany Ellingson of Waconia, Minn., who had recently been ordained, presided. This was the first marriage ceremony she officiated.


"She has watched our relationship unfold," Amber said.


After the wedding, they continued the outdoor theme, inviting guests to their home to celebrate around a bonfire.


"I'm surprised that more people don't do more stuff (in the city's pocket parks)," Amber said. "It was really exciting to find out we could use Arbor Park (for our wedding)."


'Very popular'


Grand Forks' pocket parks are "very popular" as wedding locations, said Sharyl Simeone, communications specialist with the City of Grand Forks. "Town Square is popular, too."


"They are beautiful places to have weddings," she said, estimating eight to 12 weddings a year are held in these locations.


The city charges $50 to reserve the space, along with a refundable $100 damage deposit—but the city rarely keeps it, she said. "People are very good about leaving things the way they found them."


If needed, temporary barricades are set up on the street to accommodate the bridal couple's vehicle and to ease the arrival and departure of elderly guests.


As part of her job, Simeone works with people who are planning all kinds of special events on city property, including those who want to create a romantic atmosphere for a memory-making experience.


"I remember one couple who had met in Town Square," she said. For their wedding anniversary, the husband surprised his wife by "putting on a whole dinner there—and hired a string quartet to play."


Another man set the stage by lining the downtown greenway sidewalk with tealights, leading to the gazebo where he proposed to his girlfriend.


"You see things like this all the time," Simeone said.


Tips for outdoor weddings


Outdoor weddings can be beautiful but it's always a good idea to have alternative plans ready in case of inclement weather.


"It's always good to have a 'plan B,' " said Nancy Zalewski, owner of Kristen's Bridal & Tuxedo in Grand Forks, "whether it's tents outside for your guests to sit under or renting a community center."


In her 36 years as a bridal store owner, Zalewski has worked with many couples planning outdoor ceremonies, "especially in the lakes country (of Minnesota)."


Her advice to brides is to choose a gown that's "lighter and airy, depending on where they're having it," she said. And usually shorter trains are best.


Hem your wedding gown "a little bit shorter, so it won't get grass stained," she said.


If the bride is planning to wear high heels, Zalewski recommends a clear plastic product, called Sole Mates, which covers the heel.


"It gives your shoes a wider base so you don't sink into the grass," she said. "It's a really nice product."


She also recommends not using real flowers as a garland in your hair, she said. "I've seen them—especially daisies—wilt before anything gets going."


Wedding photography usually takes place before the wedding so, in hot humid weather, some flowers tend to droop.


"You could ask the florist for recommendations on flowers that may be a little more heat-resistant than others," she said.


Scheduling the wedding for later in the day is a good idea, she said. "It's generally cooling off by then."


"You can also string lights on trees which makes your setting look more like a fairy-tale world for your guests to enjoy," she said.


But there are some guests, like mosquitoes and other insects, you really don't want to attend, she said. So don't choose their favorite habitat as a wedding site.


"This is just my opinion, but I suggest having your wedding where you have pest control," she said.


"If you're going to wade out in the middle of a big grassy field, you can expect these pests," she said. "I prefer manicured lawns and parks where they have sprayed."

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Gay Pride & a wedding to feature in 20th birthday week!

Le 13 July 2015, 05:29 dans Humeurs 0

There certainly is a lot going on in the week that Hollyoaks turns 20 this October!


As we have previously reported so far in the line-up to mark the landmark occasion for the hit Channel 4 soap is the big reveal of who the Gloved Hand Killer is, a white water chase that will result in TWO major characters dying as well as a grizzly body being hidden in the structure of one of the city walls.


But is not all doom and gloom – We also have a wedding, and




Pride festival to look forward to as well.


Of course this is still Hollyoaks who haven’t had a hiccup-free wedding since… well, ever, so we can’t imagine for one minute that the one set to take place as the show reaches is two decade point will be a happy ever after type of affair.


So far the powers that be are keeping pretty tight lipped about just who it will be walking down the aisle, but from our powers of deduction (looking back over just who isn’t already married or recently engaged) we have come up with two possible couples.


First of all Grace Black (Tamara Wall) and Trevor Royle (Greg Wood) got engaged earlier this year, and despite the fact that Grace has indulged in not one, but two affairs with Kim Butterfield (Daisy Wood-Davis) with Trev’s ring on her finger, they still seem to be determined to get down that aisle and let’s face it, weddings don’t come much more exciting than a gangster wedding.


Also recently engaged are Holly Cunningham (Amanda Clapham) and Jason Roscoe (Alfie Browne-Sykes) but seeing as Holly accepted the ring with a ‘not for ten years’ clause attached, our money is definitely on the wedding being that of Grace and Trevor!


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hollyoaks tony hutchinson


Meanwhile local business man Tony Hutchinson spots a golden opportunity this October when he decides to host the first ever Hollyoaks Gay Pride festival, with Digital Spy quoting executive producer, Bryan Kirkwood as commenting:


“The 20th anniversary week will start in the village with riotous comedy as Tony Hutchinson, played by our original star Nick Pickard, decides to exploit the pink pound by throwing Hollyoaks’ first ever Gay Pride festival.


“It’s unbelievable that it’s our first considering how many gay characters we’ve had in the village!”


Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.

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Hayden Panettiere Wedding Date Affected By Wladimir Klitschko Baby Due Date? ‘Nashville’ Star Anticipates Arrival Of Baby Girl

Le 12 December 2014, 08:25 dans Humeurs 0

Hayden Panettiere will have Wladimir Klitschko’s

baby any day now! The rumored due date is scheduled to be around Christmastime, but as we know, delivering a baby girl is an art and not a science! ‘Nashville’ star has been anticipating the arrival of her baby - the sooner the baby comes, the sooner they can decide on the wedding date!

hayden panettierepicture:

Hayden Panettiere is now eight months and counting into her pregnancy. ‘Nashville’ star has been working her enormous baby bump on the red carpet and in bikinis all throughout her pregnancy, but the time has come to deliver her baby girl!

Wladimir Klitschko has been reported to be super excited for the baby due date.

"She's an amazing person and I'm more than sure that she's going to be an amazing mom," the professional boxer told in an E! News interview, “Her wish to become a mother and have a child [was something] she's been mentioning and telling me about a lot. You know, every dream will eventually come true and she's going to be more than an amazing mother."

When he was asked how he will take on the heavy duty of parenting, he said, "When you're going to become a father or a parent, your life

is going to change. So I look forward to having my life change for the good.”

Just like a good father, Wladimir Klitschko, 38, said that the gender of the baby doesn’t matter to him. "It's not important where the baby is going to be born. It's not important [whether it's a] boy or girl. What's important is that the baby's healthy."

Hayden has been hesitant to decide on a wedding date before the arrival of her baby girl. That means that Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko may have a wedding date decided days after the due date!


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